Pilot action: Analysis, Report & Guidelines

During the first phase of the project, different analyses were made in ELIH-Med countries. Meanwhile, ELIH-Med project team developed the new strategy for reaching EU 2020 objectives in MED area; a prospective plan for mobiling financial resourses for the same purpose was also worked out. The outcomings of those analyses and studies are downloadable from this page.
Trend-setting scenario: impact of existing policies and financial resources available on EU 2020 objectives
Overview of energy conservation and LIH buidling renovation in the Mediterranean
Typology of LIH building stock in the partner territories and in the Med area
Analysis of potential energy savings in “representative housing” and in the building stock of LIH
Analysis of current projects of multi-energies smart metering in low-income housing (LIH) in the MED area
A consolidated analysis at Med level of current national, regional and local policies on energy efficiency in      low income housing and financial resources devoted to EE projects in LIH
Bibliography of Successful European Projects in building sector
New Strategy to be implemented at Med level to reach EU2020 Objectives
A prospective plan on financial resources to be mobilised to reach EU2020 objectives
        - Stakeholders and partners’ commitments for projects results sustainability
For implementing ELIH-Med pilot project, different tools are produced and downloadable here:
Specific project assessment process
Evaluation of retrofitting programmes in LIH
ELIH-Med guidelines (recommendations)
The evalution of pilot project results obtained in different partern countries and the related impacts on public policies, as well as Conclusions and polic recommendations, are reported: 
 - Evaluation of Arles pilot projects (French)
 - Evaluation of Cyprus pilot projects
 - Evaluation of Frattamaggiore pilot projects
 - Evaluation of Genoa pilot projects
 - Evaluation of Komotini pilot projects
 - Evaluation of Malaga pilot projects (Spanish)
 - Evaluation of Malta pilot projects
 - Evaluation of Sassari pilot projects
 - Evaluation of Valencia projects
 - Conclusions and policy recommendations